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Align your Spine for a Healthy Back

Body Tree Abu Dhabi or

Align your spine for a healthy back, both on and off the mat!

A stiff or misaligned spine can have effects on areas beyond the spine, potentially causing pain and suffering.
A healthy spine plays a crucial role in our body's ability to move efficiently as well as to protect and house our spinal chord.
Dysfunctions or injuries to our spine has implications on both our mobility and our nervous system!
It is what we do all day that has the potential to be the most troublesome, our posture! 

In this workshop we will look at the spine, the concept of tensegrity, some common injuries and dysfunction and general postural changes and how to "fix them".
We will end the workshop with a restorative practice to feed and nourish our back!



Earlier Event: April 28
Align your Spine for a Healthy Back