"For years I struggled from migraines and a series of ailments in my spine; multiple slipped discs from my neck to lumbar, trapped nerves and pain that doctors and chiropractors alike failed to be able to explain.

Upon recommendation from a friend, I contacted Nina for individual sessions at first. She carefully reviewed my MRIs before working with me and after doing so, was able to explain my health in a way I could actually understand. I met with her individually for intensive work at first - each session both restorative and educational - healing my body and teaching me proper ways to maintain my spine. I left her studio with “homework” each week to strengthen muscles and fascia that I didn’t even know I had! After several meetings with her, I was able to attend and keep up with group classes while she kept a careful eye of my form and posture. Now I am working through the exercises on my own, free of pain and migraines with her occasional guidance as I need it.

It was hard work, a lot of time and sweating and wanting to give up. But I am sure I’d never have made it to this point without her guidance, professionalism, knowledge and encouragement."

Arash Davar

" In April 2017 I broke my shoulder in 4 places in an accident in the ocean.  After emergency surgery, 14 screws and a plate, I was left with a heap of pain and not much hope for full range of motion to return.  This was very difficult to learn but I was committed to putting in 100% effort to regain the maximum range of motion.  With intensive pt for four months I was able to make some progress, but not what I had expected or what the doctors felt possible.  I sought Nina’s help after learning she was skilled in assisting with mobility, facia, and strengthening.  Nina focused on releasing, awakening, and strengthening muscles that had been unused for months!  In two months of working with Nina I  gained more range of motion with less pain than the previous months.  An added benefit, Nina Works other muscles in order to bring balance to the body so I’m now enjoying tighter abs and a leaner waist than before I started.  I am so grateful to have found a holistic and balanced guide to help me with such a complicated injury! "

Lari  Cannon

"Nina is a wonderful and passionate teacher whose knowledgeability and attention to detail never ceases to amaze me. In class her strong emphasis on alignment makes me feel safe during my practise, which has evolved thanks to Nina's many tips and tricks! I can also warmly recommend her insightful workshops and lovely private classes"

Sanna L Soderlund

"I must say that Nina is an incredible teacher. Her wealth of knowledge of the human body and her dedication to growth is truly inspiring. In the two years working privately with her, I have witnessed an undeniable change in both my physical stature and peace of mind.

Two years ago I suffered both back and knee pain, I am now pain free! People constantly comment on how different I look, my most favorite compliment being that they love my positive energy! My posture has changed dramatically and my clothes fit better. Nina has helped me grow in both body and mind. She is passionate and dedicated. She takes my concerns seriously and has tailored our private sessions for my specific concerns. She has managed to help me reach my set goals through Yoga and Pilates and is guiding me to further growth. I always look forward to our sessions and I highly recommend training with her!
Thank you Nina"

Fatima B. 

"Nina is such a dedicated, inspiring and well educated teacher. In this new world of "workout yoga" she is one of the few that still does "workin yoga" instead.
Her classes and workshops are well designed and very educational."

Bettina Kimpel (Tina DB)

"I love working with Nina! Her individual and thoughtful attention to my abilities and my problem areas has enabled me to develop the body awareness to gain core strength and flexibility through Pilates and Yoga sessions, a combination of both and informative workshops. She has a deep understanding and knowledge of all that she teaches and makes it all, with a twist of humour, really enjoyable."

Sally Kirkman

"I am fortunate to call Nina one of my favourite yoga teachers, as well as a dear friend.  She is a skilled teacher with years of experience and a wealth of knowledge across many disciplines.  She has the talent of paying special attention to each of her students while teaching and making it a safe practice for all.  Her workshops have been very interesting and I have learned so much from her! If you get the chance to try one of Nina’s classes or workshops, please do - you will thank yourself afterwards! " 

Jennifer Richter

"I have tried and enjoyed different Pilates classes in Abu Dhabi throughout the last 5 years(whether one on one sessions or group sessions). However, never did I experience and learn a lot about my body and about the correct technique of the different moves in Pilates as much as I have with Nina.  I used to suffer from lower back pain and used to feel weakness throughout my whole body, and after a couple of sessions with Nina I started to build up my core muscles, started feeling stronger, and understood why it was so difficult to perform certain moves while exercising.

 Nina is very talented and has many years of experience; she pays attention to every individual and assesses their capabilities and from a few session you will realize how much she has invested on herself to be at where she is today.

What I liked the best about Nina is that she keeps encouraging you and talking you through every move; she explains the mechanism of the exercise and what muscle you need to use in order to perform the move correctly and ,most importantly without injuring yourself. Very few instructors really understand that each person is different, but with Nina she studies you, and makes you feel comfortable with yourself. She is very patient and realizes that each person needs his/her own time to be able to do a certain exercise(not many instructors invest their time with their clients the way she does and with an open heart).

I have enjoyed every minute with my classes with Nina, and would highly recommend any person who is interested in joining a Pilates session (whether beginner, intermediate or advanced level) or to try a class with her.

Thanking your from all my heart."







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