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Roll, Release and Renew

In this 2-hour workshop you will learn easy techniques to roll out tension from the sole of your foot to the crown of your head using Yoga Tune Up® therapy balls. 

You will also: 
- Release pain and stress
- Increase range of motion
- Free up the breath
- Foster deep relaxation

The Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls offer an easy and powerful practice of myofascial release to address the “Issues In Your Tissues”

If there is a restriction or adhesion in a certain part of your myofascia, the muscle cannot function fully, and neither can the joint(s) to which the muscle attaches. 
Self Massage Ball work makes correction and connections in tissues that daily exercise, stretching, and yoga often bypass. The Balls provides a micro-stretch into areas of myofascia that have become adhered because of damage, lack of use, lack of use, poor nutrition, scar tissue, emotional holding, or other reasons”

Rolling teases apart the “sticky” or adhered parts of the tissues, thereby separating the individual fibers within the muscle so that each fiber can literally pull its own weight instead of its neighbors’. Your muscles are then able to fully contract and release as your movement dictates. The Massage Balls help herd truly tissues into better alignment with your bones so that you move it efficiency and ease.

No Pilates or Yoga experience necessary!

Docent: Nina Watson,
Locatie: Urban Flow, Judith Leysterstraat 54, 2023 EH Haarlem
Datum: Sunday Speptember 3, 2017
Tijd: 14:00-16:30
Prijs: 27,50 / 37,50 incl set YTU ballen (normaal 22 euro)

Geef je snel op, het aantal plaatsen is beperkt! (max 14 deelnemers)