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50 Hrs MFR and Yin Yoga TT

  • Carin Align Yoga School Jalan Bougenville Raya Banten, 15310 Indonesia (map)


This 50- HRS Yin Yoga and Mayofascial Release Teacher Training offers an:

in-depth look at the science behind the role of fascia and use of self-myofascial release techniques within a Yin Yoga setting. In this Teacher Training, we will explore the current understanding of the fascia by looking at the function and dysfunction of fascia in combination with therapeutic application techniques.

We will work through each part of the body and identify the appropriate techniques and modifications that are available to you.

You will practice safely a variety of compression holds, rolling, shearing and other MFR techniques and learn to address common fascial stiffening, adhesions and trigger points in the body.

You will learn the best ways to incorporate MFR techniques into a Yin Yoga class, how to use them to complement your yoga practice and how to use the therapeutic application of mayofascial release techniques to assist your private students.

Course content:

·      Mayo Fascial Release theory and practice

·      Triggerpoints

·      Ball MFR techniques

·      Ball sequencing and teaching

·      Yoga and Fascia

·      Fascia study and anatomy

·      The role of fascia

·      Fascial dysfunctions and injury cycle

·      Fascial Bouncing


·      Yin Yoga: Theory and Practice

·      Yin poses and prop usage

·      Yin yoga sequencing

·      Pranayama

·      Skeletal and tissue anatomy of the spine

·      Posture Lab

·      Combining MFR and Yin


There will be a daily Yin Yoga practice, different ball sequences and at the end of the training they will be incorporated into MYO- YIN

Who is this for?

Everybody! This Training is a welcome study for new and established yoga teachers to refresh, renew and to deepen their practice and study of Yin asana, Mayofascial Release,  Pranayama, Mindfulness and Functional Anatomy.

It is also open to dedicated yoga students to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga.

After completing this training, you will receive a 50hr Yoga Alliance certification which can be applied as Continue Education Units (CEU). 

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