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Open up your Side Body!

  • Omology Yoga Jalan Medan Setia Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, 50490 Malaysia (map)

Open up your side body!

In this workshop we will tune up your side body, by freeing up your fascia and muscles of the lateral line.

Most of the body’s natural movement tend to be forward, the side body often gets overlooked in our daily lives. How often do we bend to the right or left? This can result in the tissues of the side body being tight and/or weak from top to bottom. Also…. poor postural habits are not helpful, slouching can create so much tension in the upper body that lifting the arms fully overhead becomes impossible and stretching from side to side causes discomfort.

Standing, sitting and repetitive forward movements have a huge impact on the lower body. The gluteus medius on the side of the hip, for example, is prone to becoming tight from all of our natural forward movement, which can interfere with our ability to stabilize the pelvis.

In this workshop we will combine Myofascial Release and Yoga to release the fascia of the lateral line of the body. We will tackle these common areas of tension—one at a time—then retrain the muscles to lengthen, strengthen and fire more efficiently. Since the tissues are all connected via the fascial system, working on any part of this lateral line of muscles will affect the rest of the chain. Not only can this reduce pain and increase range of motion, but with a consistent practice we can teach our muscles how to move more efficiently.

Post-myofascial release, we will test our range of motion to see the instant results of the work.

You will leave this workshop feeling taller, longer and lighter and in addition you also will experience great benefits for your respiration, digestion and lymphatic system!

Earlier Event: October 9
50 Hrs MFR and Yin Yoga TT
Later Event: November 22
Shoulder Mobility & Stability ( 25 Hrs)